Delayed Not Denied
(K.A. Sumner, T.J. Chase Jr. © 2012)
Who said, I would never make it?
Who said, your time’s already passed?
God said, “With Me nothing’s impossible.”
So here I stand…
Delayed, not denied
Deferred, not cancelled
Detoured, still I arrive
I’ll keep pressin’ on as long as I’m alive
(Keep tryin’, keep flyin, you can’t stop you won’t stop
keep tryin’, keep flyin’)
I’ll keep movin’ forward as long as I can breathe
You said, “Don’t even waste your time.”
You said, “Who do you think you are?”
God said, “Baby girl this is your season, reach for the prize!”
Still I’m gonna get there
(You can’t be denied, you will be just fine.)
There will be times in life
When you will feel so tired
Just don’t you lose your stride
Keep your mind
You will have your time to Shine!
(Yeaaah, let your haters be your motivators.)
(Don’t you know a setback’s just a set-up for a comeback?)
But you’ve got to,
(Keep on movin’, keep on movin’, keep on movin’, keep on,
Never give up, never give up! repeat)
Don’t let nobody kill your dream!
Hang on in there, hang on in there…..
(There may be times that you get tired, pray for strength and take it high,
no need to ask the question why, maybe delayed but not denied).
I believe in you!
(ad libs run & out)
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© 2013 Katani Sumner | Created by Michael Dottin